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To Memphis and back!

What an expierence on the way to Memphis in Memphis and back home.  You talk about a challenge, it was the getting to the IBC that seemed to be the most challenging. I almost didnt get to go, but at the last minute i manage to straighten out a few personal difficulties.

Off I went to the IBC in Memphis.  I found out that it wasnt so bad going alone and hanging out with the folk.  I enjoyed seeing other Artist  and thier perspecitive of what the BLUES was.  I brought with me a arsenal of some my best original material only to find out that i could have done some of the old standard stuff as well as my originals. However it was good for me beause, i got to write even more Blues songs for my up and coming CD.  It seemed to go over very well with the audience. 

I also had a challenge when i was perfomrin at the IBC,  the piano kept going out electricity. so i sang acappella lol wasnt no thang ! ( that made it even more interesting.)  It happened again at the WIB on that friday.  Wow ...I still made it to the semi- finals and met some nice media folk as well.

 I flew back home just ahead of the awful snow storm in chicago.  I was very glad to come back home. It seemed i like i slept for days.  I brought back even more confidence that I don't need to be validated or qualified on my perspective of my Blues .  i only wanted to be loved and respected for it...and i got all of that. I want to thank the Golden Gate Blues Society, Richard Mcluary David Studavant, for this fantastic opportunity! Thank you Terrie Odabi and her crew for keeping me company whilst i was done there! I really did have a ball... much love 


Talk later

Lady Bianca 

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