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The Lady Bianca Show coming up this month

Happy October everybody....its been a busy two months.  It always seem to start in September people leaving the world  and children being born. ( Rest in Peace Momma Getorgia Mae Smith) New changes and beginning with all this full moon stuff and eclipse.

TGGS ( the golden gate blues society)  has some exciting new performers for the IBBC in Memphis for next year.  I was so impressed I ask the Blues Man ROHARPO ( winner of the TGGBS Blues competition )  to come and blues my stage for me on October 24, 2015

congratulations to the Winners Big Bones and the Roharpo band and good luck on their trek to Memphis.


I hope to see you at the Piedmont Piano Company we are going to have a great time get you tickets seats are limited



Spring and Summer are my favorite time of the year. Its touring time! I emerge from the winter and into new beginings. I like changing up my style. I look forward to my imagination carrying me through new changes and creativity.

Me and Stanley are working on our next release for the fall of 2015 for Magic-O Records. Through the throne of Grace I speak the word and it shall be.  I truly believe this is going to continue to be a great year for us.  I keep hearing folk say "change is good" well I  say postitive change is good.  

I feel like getting my Groove on.   Got an awesome band and my release Real People Music is getting some attention on the airwaves.  I thank the internet radio DJ's for the push.  Well time to get back to work.  For Bookings please call 510 866 2081


Music factory

i am so exited about he new leaves of creativityi am beeing around the bay area..  Stanley and I have been having some fun hanging out in the cuts and seeing the musicians and singers working like they used to and getting it together.  I remember being down at your place two club and just making the music and sanging the music. Enloy the crowds encouragment.  We need more place like that to in the bay area. The big clubs are good too but the old fashion music factorys are the best!.. I am just saying

Rosie Gaines experience

It was amazing to me what the word friend, family and sistah really means.  I found out that love comes  like a title wave into you heart and keeps repeating  there forever.

 I was so thrilled to see Brenda Vaughn put this together. It was like she had a magic wand( like the good faires have in disneyland) and all the sparkles and good fairy music happened and viola!! it was a night of beautiful people, music and fun.  I will never forget admiring the acts that came on before me.  Tuck and Patty and the amazing Faye Carol.  This lady took them down Blues street full speed, i was nervous to go behind them. But once i got on the stage the music got a hold of me and everything was just fine.  I got to sing with all the sanging sisters who are now in the know.

I saw my good friend Luenell and got to hug and remenice the good ol time.  My son Oshmin Oden got to see the real people music community. He was amaizing when he played his bass behind me on Fryin Pan (cd Real People Music)  it was a fantastic magical night.  Thank you Joey Truso, Charles Spikes, Gino Blacknell and Sundra Manning for adding the spice and fonk to the music.
It was more than just for Rosie Gaines it was for us all.

New phone number contact

Hello back from an experience in Memphis Tennesse. Getting together now planning a tour and new CD.  I have changed my phone number after all that card giving in Memphis.  It is now 510 866 2081 for bookings for 2015

Benefit for Rosie Gaines

Hello Folks if you are in town January 31, Brenda Vaughn is giving a very needed Benifit for Rosie Gainss.  It will be held at Georffreys inner Circle starting at 7pm.  Get there early I think is going to be very successful hearfelt event for our dear Rosie.  She would gladly except cash and gift certifcates for clothing.  Brenda Vaughn has a host of international Entertainers (including me) stopping by to partiscipate in the benefit.


You can also stop by before the event and drop off your gifts to Brenda Vaughn at Geoffreys inner circle, in oakland california  She is there everyday and will recieve your donations.

its a nice thing

Lady Bianca

To Memphis and back!

What an expierence on the way to Memphis in Memphis and back home.  You talk about a challenge, it was the getting to the IBC that seemed to be the most challenging. I almost didnt get to go, but at the last minute i manage to straighten out a few personal difficulties.

Off I went to the IBC in Memphis.  I found out that it wasnt so bad going alone and hanging out with the folk.  I enjoyed seeing other Artist  and thier perspecitive of what the BLUES was.  I brought with me a arsenal of some my best original material only to find out that i could have done some of the old standard stuff as well as my originals. However it was good for me beause, i got to write even more Blues songs for my up and coming CD.  It seemed to go over very well with the audience. 

I also had a challenge when i was perfomrin at the IBC,  the piano kept going out electricity. so i sang acapplea lol wasnt no thang ! ( that made it even more interesting.)  It happened again at the WiB on that friday.  Wow ...I still made it to the semi finals and met some nice media folk in the meantime.  I flew back home just ahead of the awful snow storm in chicago.  I was very glad to come back home and seemed i like i slept for days.  I brought back even more confidence that I dont need to be validated or qualified on my perspective of my Blues .  i only wanted to be loved and respected for it...and i got all of that.

Talk later

Lady Bianca 

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